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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sunrise at around 7:26. then this afternoon that's when the rain returns to the bay area. for most of us we will see the heaviest rain between 1:00 and 6:00 with temperatures in the 50s. this evening it will taper off into showers with temperatures dropping below 43 degrees. but i'll tell you when exactly you can expect the rain to hit your neighborhood and how much of it we can expect through tomorrow. i'll also are your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. katie. >> francis, thank you. a tsunami warning that was issued early this morning for parts of southern alaska and parts of the canadian coast has been cancelled. a wave generated by an earthquake overnight is not posing a threat. tsunami warnings were triggered when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit just after 1:00 our time near craig, alaska. the tsunami warning area included coastal areas from cordova, alaska to the northern tip of vancouver island. the tsunami warning was
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cancelled around 3:00 this morning. >> a restaurant in petaluma is moving forward with a fundraiser for the family of alyssa burn, the family of the teenager who was found yesterday morning. ker live in pietrus aluminumma this morning. what's the new plan? >> good morning, katie. beyond the glory sports bar and grill this morning will be giving the money from today's dean and donate event for the national center for missing families. they say they don't want the money, they want it going to other families going through the torment of missing a child. and it's expected to be a dig turnout. we have video from last night's vigil that was held at casa grande high school. that's where the 19-year-old graduated from in 2011. people gathered placing momentous, flowers and notes and
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gathered next to the field where she played lacrosse. they stood together silently crying and barely saying a word for more than an hour. some friends sold abc7 news they had already gotten turtle tattoos as a way to remember alisa. >> alyssa loved turtles. it's something everyone knows. everyone is a turtle to her. it's something everyone knows of her. >> usually i give flowers for someone's birthday. i've never had to do something like this after losing someone so it's really hard. >> from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of my family's heart, i just want to say thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> that was alisa's brother. he thanked everyone toward the end of last night's vigil. alisa was a hostess at cattle men's restaurant in petaluma. they have a memorial in their entryway with her photo and candles. they are planning a memorial for her family and every the days
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there will be other fundraisers or dine and donate events at restaurants around petaluma. and also at mavericks in santa rosa and at the request of the burn family, again, all of the proceeds from the events will be donated to the pole class foundation, to the class kids foundation and also to the national center for missing and exploited children. today's event here will be held from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. so plenty of time to come out and donate. reporting live in petaluma, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> thank you, kira. it appears alyssa may have taken a wrong turn the night she disappeared. she left a musical festival at lake tahoe community college on foot and was headed to her hotel room at the resort which is about five miles away. her body was found in a spot in the opposite direction. two utility workers found her along pioneer trail on the other side of a snow berm.
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investigators say she was fully clothed and there were no obvious signs of foul play. hundreds of leaving condolences for her family on our facebook page. you can join that conversation at two elderly people died in the north bay bay following a severe outbreak of the nor rowvirus. more than 60 others have come town with the bug, which is often referred to as the stack flu. it's happening at the redwood retirement community in mill valley. more from our reporter. these signs warn of a noro virus outbreak at the retirement center in mill valley. >> a lot of people have come and brought their family members home so that they won't be exposed. >> marin county public health officer said of the approximately 250 residents at the center, 63 have fallen ill. six were hospitalized and two died. but he says the deaths will not be attributed to the virus because both patients had
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serious diseases and neither wanted life-saving measures in the event of an illness. norovirus is contagious. it started christmas eve and since then the center has been cleaning constantly to stop the spread of the virus. >> i'm completely confident that not only will it be done correctly, but it will be overdone. >> every night they are sterilizing, they are going through and they are cleaning all the railings. >> they have posted signs. there are hand sanitizers and all social engagements are on hold. >> no meetings, no classes, no activities of any kind and we are supposed to stay out of the common areas. >> even the dining room has been taped off. meals are being delivered to residents who don't have kitchens. the doctor said the center is following protocol. the outbreak is decreasing and like the flu, norovirus is generally seasonal.
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the doctor said norovirus is so common this time of year they often deal with ten to twenty outbreaks during the season. abc7 news. an obscure california law has allowed a convicted rapist to go free because the woman he attacked was not married. that's the reason. this video re-creation shows what happened when the victim, her boyfriend and some other friends went home after a party. the boyfriend left after the woman fell asleep and she woke up to find someone was having sex with her. she demanded the man stop, but the man continued. his attorneys claim he should be acquitted because she impersonated her boyfriend, not her husband. >> the law requires that that person be someone who impersonates her husband. ask and that was not the specific fact of this particular case. >> impersonation of anybody with rape should be a felony. >> victims rights advocates noon work with lawmakers in
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sacramento to close the loophole in the california rape law. an evacuation order triggered by a gas leak in brentwood has been lifted. pg&e crews are working to fix a two minute inch line on saint andrews drive. they evacuated several nearby homes. ten customers are still without gas service. they expect service to be restored this morning. san pablo police are looking for an at risk woman who has not been seen since november. the woman was reported missing on christmas day. her family hadn't heard from her in a month. when police checked in on her they found her dog emaciated in her home. family members said she never goes anywhere without her dog. they also found her cane and car in the garage. her family said she suffers from depression. coming up next, i.t. no longer stands for information technology, it stands for intelligent transportation, and it means your car can talk to
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that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. thhat digest slowly that's why there's with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> we have breaking news to bring you ought of aurora, colorado. police say a man has fired shots inside a home. they do believe he is armed and dangerous at this time. several other homes nearby have been evacuated for safety reasons. negotiators are on the scene there. they say they have been able to contact the man but only intermittently. and at this point they are just playing it the safest way they can. again, he has fired shots inside
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his home. he's barricaded himself in there, as well. police don't know at this point if anyone is injured. they do not even know how many people may be inside. a possible hostage situation in awe roara, colorado right now. we will keep you up-to-date on the breaking news as the situation changes. lance armstrong could come clean about doping. a public source said he is considering a public admission. he has denied it for more than a decade. and teammates said armstrong did use drugs and blood transfusions during his career. the anti-doping agency stripped armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and banned him from competition. nancy pelosi is defending a doctored picture of democratic women in congress. the to toe was snapped on capitol hill on thursday. pelosi wanted all 61 female democrats in attendance, but four women were late.
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the photo was taken without them and pelosi had someone add the four in afterwards. you seat change in the back left. pelosi said it's an accurate historical record of what the democratic women of congress are. you can blame the fiscal cliff if your tax refund is delayed this year. the irs cannot put out twelve -- 2012 tax forms until they know what the tax policy is. and since congress didn't reach a deal since january 1st, now the agency is trying to reprogram it's system and issued tax forms based on the revised laws. this could delay the filing of the tax season which begins in mid-january. intelligence transportation is expected to be a major focus of next week's consumer electronics show in las vegas, and as usual, the silicon valley is playing a big role in that. abc7 news business and technology reporter david loui gives us a preview of what the future holds and what will be unveiled next week.
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>> for two and a half years engineers at cisco in san jose has been working on what they call smart, connected vehicles. they are cars that can talk to each other using wireless networks. by doing so the goal is to avoid collisions and to alert drivers of danger ahead. some of those issues are being addressed by a new breed of self-driving car. google has been test driving them in the bay area and nevada. next week toyota and audi will unveil theirs there. is a quick look at the toyota self-driving car. but cisco said there's more to be done. >> the self-driving cars, if it's only a segment of the cars and not all cars really doesn't solve the problem. but if we enable all cars to be connected and have the self-driving mechanisms built into them then the future surf -- future is much closer. >> they have been collaborating with automakers, parts suppliers and government agencies both in the u.s. and europe. universal standards will have to be developed. cisco estimates it will cost 6 to $8 billion to create an intelligent transportation network. the future of tv will also be in the spotlight.
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audible magic will be announcing new partnerships that test interactive advertising. this is video that shows how it works. it identifies the video and audio of a commercial and delivers pop-ups to allow consumers to obtain additional product information. the idea is to capitalize on a viewer's interest instantly. >> that commercial is interesting. they are offering a coupon. let me take advantage of that coupon offer right now. you see immediacy and spontaneity that people respond to. >> this is a shift in consumer electronics. using new technology and integrating it into devices we already use in our daily lives. in san jose, david loui, abc7 news. >> it is 6:15. rain is on the way, but right now it's about getting colder. >> down into the 30s in some locations. fog being reported in livermore we look live from sutro down
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toward san francisco and the bear. i'll tell you how much rain and when you can expect it to hit your neighborhood coming up. >> thanks, francis. and a legacy that will last forever. de la salle's high school legendary coach steps down.
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>> welcome back. the clock current 6:9 right now. all morning we've been talking about how cold it is and how the rain is coming and there's an event that people are jumping into the bay. they are jumping into the bay at 11:15 this morning for the sixth annual alcatraz winner swim. it will be cold. water temperatures in the mid-50s. even temperatures right now cooling down to the 30s. a live shot from emeryville looking out toward the bay and the bay bridge. we have the clouds moving in and we have some temperatures dropping, as well. but live doppler 7hd still not picking up any rain around the bay area. this will be a very different picture in the afternoon hours. so let's take a look at those numbers right now for those of you planning to go out early this morning. bundle up because it's only 32 in santa rosa and 31 in fairfield. some 40s out there in mountain view and in san jose.
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so we did have fog reported in santa rosa and livermore but we are actually a few degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time with the cloud cover kind of act like a blaine debt so we don't lose as much heat overnight. the rain arrived after lunch for most of us today. showers continue overnight into tomorrow morning and then warmer, sunnier and dryer monday and tuesday. looking forward to that again. the satellite, pacific satellite image shows the cold front moving through. eye going to hit us this afternoon as the cold front passes through. that's when we may see some locally gusty winds, as well. check out the forecast. 9:00 possibly just some showers along the coast but most of us under cloudy skies. and then right around lunchtime is when we start to see the front hit northern bay area and then it will move through in the afternoon hours. that's when we expect to see some moderate rainfall all the way into 7:00 this evening and then clearing after that.
6:20 am
san francisco under cloudy conditions. showers linger overnight into tomorrow morning. but by 10:00, maybe just a leftover shower in the south bay. a light sprinkle. that's about it. then we are seeing breaks of sunshine. so it's actually going to be a nice weekend overall. rainfall totals don't amount to much. we will see the highest along the coast on the peninsula. up to.eight-inch in the north bay. and east bay and south bay anywhere from .2 to .4-inch. not a huge rainmaker. we will get snow in the sierra but it will probably hold off until late tonight and it will be likely tomorrow. today just mostly cloudy. if you are planning to drive to tahoe, a high of 46. highs today in the bay area in the 50s. 55 in san francisco. so near normal. 57 in san jose. we will see some upper 50s as well around monterey bay. tomorrow morning lows will be also more moderate with that cloud cover and the showers so
6:21 am
more 40s. might not even get into the 30s tomorrow but maybe a few upper 30s in fairfield and santa rosa. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. get ready for the rain this afternoon, turning into showers tonight and continuing into tomorrow morning. then sunshine monday and tuesday and a chance of showers wednesday through friday. they are looking slight but we will keep you posted on that. >> might as well keep your umbrella out. you will have it this weekend anyway. >> yes, we've used it a lot. >> we will be using it more. thank you, francis. well, dan harris joins us live from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> if i was in san fran, i would be jumping into the water. what is that, polar bear swim. >> the alcatraz winter swim. >> sounds great. i would definitely be doing that. >> interesting. >> i would be putting on my wet suit. it's a great way to get the flu and speaking of the flu, it is
6:22 am
spreading. new numbers showing how far and how wide the flu outbreak is in america right now. what you can do to protect yourself and family. advice that goes well beyond not jumping in freezing water, practical advise from the doctor coming up in the broadcast this morning. also flying the tipsy skies. you may have heard the story about the pilot, the guy who failed a breathalyzer moments before takeoff on friday. now check out this new story. here is how fellow passengers handled an unruly, apparently drunken flyer mid-flight. it involved a lot of duct tape. we will tell you about that. and the i-phone trap. one set up a sting operation by creating an online dating profile to snare the guy who took his smartphone. we will tell you how it all went down. it's kind of hilarious. and the college football player who pulled double duty. fighting off his opponents on the field while battling cancer off the field. he didn't miss one game even though he was undergoing kimmo
6:23 am
treatments. last night he led his team in the cotton bowl. and the role his mom played in all of this. >> such an inspirational story. thank you, dan. in sports, some sad news. news. the coach that led cal to their last rose to bowl appearance in is the 59 has died. pete elliot was 86 years old. meanwhile de la salle high school's legendary coach officially announce the he's retiring. here's larry beil with the details in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. safe to say there will never be another coach like bob ladouceur. the man who built de la salle football into a national power retired yesterday after 34 years at the helm. his legacy amazing. 399 wins, a 151-game winning streak. his spartans have not lost to a northern california opponent in 21 years. at age 58 coach lad will hand over the reigns to his assistant, justin. ladouceur will stay at de la
6:24 am
salle as a consultant and continue on there as a teacher. >> it's more important to me that the program remains strong than for me to hang on a few more years and coach. i was kind of getting tired, too. i just didn't think it was fair to him to be basically doing most of the work and not be the head coach. the warriors visit the clippers tonight in los angeles. but last night was the battle of l.a. lakers and clips, fog but monster jams in this game. paul with the steal. lob city. blake griffin. he had 24 points. kobe bryant had a huge night. the steal and he's going right at paul. come get some! join the party! 38 for kobe but the lakers couldn't stop paul down the stretch. crossing over against kobe. 30 points, 13 assists. the clips and their mini two-game losing streak, 107-102. in and johnny manzel, and johnny football mania is everywhere. he's electrifying.
6:25 am
he ran for 229 yards and two touchdowns. watch him do the tightrope here. down the sideline for the touchdown. 7-0, aggies. texas a&m would break it open in the third quarter against oklahoma. manziel with a couple touchdown passes. he finishes with a cotton bowl record 516 yards total offense and four tds and he's just a freshman. texas a&m wins the cotton bowl, 41-13. women's basketball, seventh-ranked cal opening play against utah. second half, brittney, the corner three. got it. she had 11. cal up 31-29. and cal wins 55-50. the program's 600th win all-time. the stanford women taking on 20th-ranked colorado. first half nice ball movement by the cardinal. the penetration and jocelyn with the lay-up. she had 13. stanford bouncing back after a blowout loss to uconn. shenay with 20 points.
6:26 am
11 boards. stanford rolls and the cardinals now 12-1 overall. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> it is 6:27. coming up next, state park money hidden from the public for more than a decade. we learn whether park officials broke the law. plus abc7 news follows up on a man who has been busted for conning parking lot patrons. we will show you his extensive wrap sheet. it is a story you will see only
6:27 am
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>> tonight president obama heads back to washington from his hawaii vacation. in his weekly radio address he said he's willing to consider more spending cuts and tax increases to reduce the federal deficit as he prepares to battle with congress over the national debt ceiling. but he repeated his insistence that congress must raise the debt limit to pay for the debt they already created. when lawmakers threatened inaction on that last year, the nation's credit rating was downgraded. >> as i said earlier this week, one thing i i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay for the bill they have already racked up. if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay their bills on time the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. last time they threatened this action our entire economy suffered for t our families and our businesses can't afford that dangerous game again. the republican response by michigan congressman dave camp said it's time to identify responsible ways to tackle washington's wasteful spending. he says america's credit cards
6:30 am
are maxed out and there's no money in the bank account so the spending must stop. and president obama is expected to nominate former republican senator chuck hagle of nebraska to be defense secretary. that nomination could come as soon as monday. the scandal over a hidden surplus cash in the state parks department budget is taking a new turn with the release of a scathing report by the attorney general. it turns out the money was hid for more than twelve years. capitol correspondent nannette miranda explains. >> 70 state parks were scheduled to shut down last summer because of budget shortfalls, but just as the closers were about to happen a surplus of $54 million was found hidden in two of the agency's funds. while accounting errors were largely to blame for the accumulation, no one reported the extra money. a new, stinging report by the attorney general found $20 million of it partly collected through entrance fees was intentionally concealed. >> sounds like a coverup.
6:31 am
>> well, that's -- that's, by all accounts, there was some covering up that was done. >> investigators found the failure to report the surplus became conscious and deliberate, possibly as early as 1999. top budget and accounting officers were all aware of the discrepancy and numerous individuals failed to take appropriate action. in fact, lower-level employees just followed orders from supervisors to keep quiet. former state parks director ruth coleman who resigned as a result of the scandal declined to participate in the attorney general's interrogation. but interviews with dozens of employees have led auditors to conclude higher ups at headquarters were afraid their budget would be cut even more if the extra moneys were revealed and then were too embarrassed to disclose the problem. >> whether that rises to a criminal level or not, we are going to have to make that determination.
6:32 am
>> all but one employee heavily involved in the budget scandal left or retired from state government. it's interesting to note that those very same people also concocted a vacation buyout for dozens of park employees who got cash for unused leave. state senator mark leno chairs the budget committee. >> we need the public trust. when a situation like this arises, it's very it detrimental to the public's trust in a didn't we all love, the department of parks and rec ration. >> the parks did stay open in the end. policies were put in place so this kind of deception doesn't happen again. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> federal investigators now confirm chevron's own firefighters may have contributed to the richmond refinery fire in august. according to a draft report, firefighters were able to put
6:33 am
out a flash fire caused by a small hydrocarbon leak, but they may have accidentally punctured a main pipeline, releasing a cloud of bigger flammable gas. pipeline appears to have been punctured from the outside and they are examining the firefighters' tools to determine if one of them did it. the fire sent toxic black smoke throughout the area and thousands of people sought medical treatment. chevron expects the damaged unit to be back on line in the next few months >> new this morning a woman in the sierra foothills east of sacramento is desperately trying to save a deer that got stuck in a barbed-wire fence. melanie discovered a big buck with its antlers stuck in a blue tarp and wire on her ten acre property. she made calls to try to get help for the animal, but no agency has agreed to come. sheriff's deputies say they aren't prepared to rescue an animal that large so they could only put it down. >> we don't want it destroyed, we want him rescued. he's beautiful trophy buck.
6:34 am
i'm going to cull in eldorado. >> she said the buck has a mate and that they have produced several fawns over the years. she's hoping someone will step up and save its life. bay area native americans who belong to the cherokee nation have a chance to morning to get a new photo i.d. card. starting in october the nation's largest tribe started issuing citizenship cards for their members from coast-to-coast. today the mobile registration group is in oakland on international boulevard. they will issue photo id cards starting at 10:00 this morning afternoon. there will be a general meeting from noon to three. cards are similar to driver's licenses and qualify as photo i.d. california is home to nearly 20,000 cherokee citizens. he seems to be unstoppable. a serial con-man who prays on drivers along the embarcadero in san francisco. abc7 news first reported on him in 2011 after an arrest, but he's still on the streets.
6:35 am
now with the america's cup coming and more possible victims, the question is how can he be stopped? abc7 news reporter vic lee with the story you will only see on abc7 news. this is maybe the most prolific petty theft criminal in san francisco. police have arrested or made contact with him more than 50 times. this is his wrap sheet. twelve pages long. almost every time he's arrested he spends a short time in jail, then he's back on the streets doing what he does best. he goes to unattended parking lots with pay stations along the embarcadero. he poses as an attendant and collects money from drivers as they pull in. making things worse, the drivers often wind up with a ticket on their windshield from parking monitors who check the lots. he was caught on a kgo security camera as parking attendants grabbed him while he pretended to be one of them.
6:36 am
again, he was arrested, but back on the streets just a few days later. >> this type of activity is absolutely unacceptable, it's criminal and needs to stop. >> the supervisor's district includes the embarcadero. and fisherman's wharf. he is worried from him and other imposters will pray on the millions that will come to the city later this year for the america's cup. >> we were talking to the city attorney's office, as well as with law enforcement to figure out if there are ways for us to both improve on our enforcement but as well increase local penalties for this type of activity. >> the d.a.'s office said they prosecuted him and other con men aggressively, but the reality is these are nonviolent misdemeanors and there's only so much they can do legally. district attorney, george, said parking operators should increase security. >> they need an attendant or an electronic gate like many other parking lots do where people come in where they have bought a ticket and they have to pay. >> parking operators say there
6:37 am
are signs at the unattended lots warning drivers and that more security would be in effective. the president of priority parking, which has 27 lots in the city, told us the d.a. is making it sound as if this is a business issue. when if you look at the wrap sheet of the prime suspect, it is clearly a lack of effective prosecution. he was arrested again on november 17th. chances are it won't be his last. vic lee, abc7 news. >> 6:38. coming up next, a new messaging service from facebook that could some day allow you to call your friends for free forever. here's a live look from emeryville this morning looking back on the bay bridge. it's cold out there. it is cloudy and the rain is coming. frances dinglasan will have your frances dinglasan will have your forecast in just a [ female an] send a loved one a free
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>> good morning, everyone. 6:41. you are looking at live doppler 7hd. it is dry, according to the radar right now. we know the rain is not here yet, but it's coming maybe around lunchtime. and do remember no matter where you are today, you can track the storm on live doppler 7hd. just go to our website facebook is getting into the phone business. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains. facebook has become the place to share your thoughts, your photos and now your voice. the app is calmed messenger. it's been around for a while but it never really did anything you couldn't also do with the regular facebook app until now. >> i'm just using the facebook messenger app function. >> instead of typing she's sending a message by recording her voice. you press and record and let go to send. >> it's easy to send it. it's also really easy to mess up
6:41 am
a voicemail, so easy to do it. >> it's a novelty some users said they would have fun with. >> you can send a voice rather than a text message. >> a little more personal. >> exactly, especially the holidays. >> but it's a feature facebook said it's rolling over the next few weeks, free internet phone calls, sort of like skype made right through the app. it's available for users in canada already. >> you can call and connect with you don't need their number then. a lot of people find value in that. they might not have their number but be facebook friends with them and here's a way you can contact them. >> facebook users were slow to warm up to the idea of making phone calls through a social network. for some the biggest concern was privacy. >> i have become friends with people i met, but not close to so i don't want them to contact me unless i give them my phone number. >> i hope there would be privacy settings i can control how easily can call me if they have facebook. >> what i might use it for is
6:42 am
international calls. those tend to be more expensive. i use skype a lot to make international phone calls. >> replacing skype like facebook replaced chat rooms and in some cases e-mail, all part of founder mark zuckerberg's vision. >> they keep saying we want to connect people. that's a really big thing for them. here's another way to connect people and they want people to use their app for everything. they want to be the communication network for individuals. >> abc7 news. >> 6:43 now. frances dinglasan is tracking the weather for us. if you have things you need to do outside you might want to get them done now. >> the sooner the better. before lunch ideally because the rain is coming in during the afternoon hours. i'll tell you exactly when it will hit your neighborhood. try now we are under cloudy conditions but winds are calm as we look live from the roof camera out toward the palm trees toward the embarcadero. that's coming up. >> thanks, francis.
6:43 am
and plus there is a thumbs down to the
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>> good at say morning. you are looking live and the bay bridge in the background. we know the rain is coming later so frances dinglasan is going to tell you exactly where and when those storms will hit. a controversial new movie is in theaters this weekend about the hunt for osama bin laden. the senate intelligence committee wants answers about the make of zero dark 30 and protesters in the bay area are worried film sends the wrong message. more from abc7 news reporter mark matthews. >> the movie zero dark 30 is about the hunt for osama bin
6:46 am
laden. it is obviously based on a true story, but the narrative strongly suggests that cia waterboarding of prisoners is what led to the killing ever bin laden. outside the amc16 in emeryville members of the world can't wait and amnesty international staged a protest, trying to dissuade moviegoers from seeing the film. they are worried the film will lead people to approve of torture. >> have we lost our senses? that's what i think when i hear this stuff and here about the glorification of torture. >> most of the people had the same reaction. >> it's not a documentary. it's basically a work of fiction. >> the filmmakers have been quick to point out that zero dark 30 is a movie, but the cia did provide some assistance and now senators, including senator dianne feinstein and john are writing the acting director with questions about what sort of
6:47 am
access the filmmakers were given, and what information was obtained through waterboarding or other, quote, enhanced interrogation techniques. >> you believe, when watching this movie, that water boarding and torture leads to information that leads them to the elimination of osama bin laden. that's not the case. >> in december the acting cia director, michael moral, called the film a dramatization and added that the strong impress that torturing was the key is a false impression. but some protesters said they are wrong. linda of oakland was uncertain what she thought about waterboarding. >> it's really hard to say. >> i'm asking you basically if think it's a good thing or not a good thing. >> i understand that's what you are asking me and i'm telling you it's a really hard thing to say. >> the film director said waterboarding did happen in real life and she wanted to portray that in her movie. although, before the movie came
6:48 am
out cia told congress water boarding not provide key intelligence. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> new this morning, a music video featuring a bay area 11-year-old who survived a rare blood disorder is back on youtube after the website took it down for several hours yesterday. since it originally posted in october, the video, featuring atherton's reagan smith singing "i want to know" has racked up more than 2 million hits. it was produced by a producer, wilson, who is known for viral pop music videos. youtube got questions about whether the 2 million hits were authentically generated but wilson tells our news partner the san jose mercury news that they did not use spam to bump up the view count. frances dinglasan has your forecast, covering that for us this morning. yes? frances is going to join us. she will take us straight
6:49 am
outside with the forecast. we know the rain is coming. >> right. i'm sitting right next to katie, but we are looking out from sutro toward san francisco under cloudy conditions. in fact, the clouds have been thickening and we are seeing some cooler numbers, as well. we will tea you to live doppler 7hd first to show you the increasing clouds around the bay area. but right now no rain falling. it's going to come our way this afternoon. in fact, possibly a little bit earlier than that in some locations. temperatures right now in the low 30s in santa rosa. right at freezing, 32. fairfield 31. more moderate in san francisco and 40 in san jose. so today look for the train arrive mainly after lunch for most of the bay area. showers continue overnight into sunday morning. then we have some warmer, drier and sunnier weather monday and tuesday. we can look forward to that. but if you have plans, outdoor plans today, i'll show you the
6:50 am
timing. here's the pacific satellite image. the cold front is going to sweep through the bay area this afternoon. and the forecast model shows you the exact timing of. this so by 9:00 maybe some light rain falling along the coast. and then by lunchtime most of us still dry with possibly some light showers over the bay, the bay bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge to the east bay. but it really doesn't look like until about 2:00 this afternoon when most of us will be under some light to moderate rain. still drier in parts of the east bay, concord and livermore and notice we will see the heaviest rain move through until about 7:00 this evening. after the cold front passes then we will see showers overnight into tomorrow morning. but by 10:00 tomorrow morning we are mainly dry except for some leftover showers possibly in the south bay and san jose and morgan hill. then breaks of sunshine. it should be a nice afternoon tomorrow if you want to do more outdoor activities. here's a look at the rainfall totals for you. highest amounts are just beyond
6:51 am
the coast. peninsula up to .8. and east bay, south bay anywhere from .2 to .4-inch. not a lot of rain in the east bay. this means rain at lake tahoe but not until later today. snow likely late tonight and possibly overnight into sunday morning with a high of 30 degrees. but by monday partly sunny conditions return. highs today in the 50s for us. 55 in san francisco. 567 in san jose. notice we are getting closer to normal. then look for upper 50s as well around monterey bay. 56 in watsonville. overnight lows also more moderate tonight in the 40s, possibly a few upper 30s in some of the interior areas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so the rain moving in this afternoon. then showers tonight into tomorrow morning. but then sunny and some warmer conditions monday. look at tuesday.
6:52 am
we might get a high of 60. a chance of showers wednesday through friday. >> all right, francis, thank you so much. straight ahead we have a new celebrity in san francisco. it's the rare river otter that is now a 1
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $30 million megamillion draw. nobody correctly picked all six numbers so tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $47 million. if you haven't had your flu shot yet, now is the time. kaiser permanente predicts california will see a surge in flu case this is month. the result of holiday travelers coming back to california with the virus which is already spreading fast in other parts of the country.
6:55 am
abc7 news medical editor said california cannot escape the earliest flu outbreak in the u.s. in a decade. >> it could be it's a newer strain people in the community have not seen. it could be not enough people are vaccinated. but one of the most interesting theories has to do with humidity. what some scientists are finding is the lower the absolute humidity, the earlier flu season starts. dr. besser suggests getting your vaccine as soon as possible. it takes two weeks for your immunity to build up. typically february is the peak season for flu. good morning america will have more on the flu outbreak coming up. new numbers show 2012 was the worst year in six decades for whooping cough in the u.s. doctors report about 42,000 cases last year. the centers for disease control and prevention is still collecting data so that number could increase to as many as 50,000 cases. the disease killed 18 people last year. health experts think doctors are
6:56 am
diagnosing and treating the disease. it used to be a bigger problem until a vaccine became available in the 1940s. >> san francisco's rare river otter is turning into a big attraction. sutro sam, as he has been named, took up residence near the old sutro baths and brought in big crowds to the bay area yesterday complete with cameras and video recorders could catch him frolicking in the water. he's believed to be the first river otter to make san francisco his home in decades. look at that little face. sam has a twitter accounts now. of course. one tweet reads, yes, i am the cutest, don't forget that. sea otters have nothing on me. once you go to twitter, he can claim whatever he wants until the sea otters get their own accounts. >> if you do want to see sutro sam, try to do it in the morning because rain is moving in tonight. temperatures are cool and it's cloudy in the low 30s to mid-40s. this afternoon we will see rain
6:57 am
spread from the north bay through the south bay with temperatures in the 50s and by evening temperatures will drop below 50 but it will turn into showers. then look for the showers continue into tomorrow morning but then drier hopefully by monday and tuesday. >> all right. thank you so much and thank you everyone for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. good morning america is next. have a great day!
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning, will lance come clean? stripped of his titles and banned from competition, is the disgraced tour de france star finally ready to admit to the endless allegations of doping? flying the tipsy skies. what would you do with a drunken, unruly passenger who just will not shut up? how about gagging him and taping him to his seat? and as if that's not bad enough. how about the airline pilot arrested for failing a breathalyzer right before takeoff? man versus bear. caught on camera. >> he's coming closer and closer. oh, my god. >> the scary moments when a wildlife photographer gets up close and personal with a hungry polar bear, all 1,000 pounds of her. and the iphone sting. somebody stole your iphone? we're going to tell you about the guy who set up an onli


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